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  • Sleeves are made from Aluminium blanks / Slugs & press drawn / extrude to form desired shapes & Sizes for various applications such as Suction, Discharge & Liquid Pipes. They are used for fixing End/connecting pipe of Auto air-conditioning Hoses & Pipes.

Product Sleeves
Assembly Sleeves
Application Sleeves
  • Silencers are made from Aluminium Rods, which are cut and formed in the shape of a barrel and then formed (necking) as per specifications. They are fitted on Auto Airconditioning pipes and work as device for reducing noise created by Refrigerant flow within AC system.

Product Silencers
Assembly Silencers
Application Silencers
  • Armature and Back Plates are part of Auto Air-con Compressor. They are important part of Compressor Clutch and play very vital rule in its effective functioning by engaging and disengaging the Compressor operation. Armature Plate & Back Plates are made of HRC/CRC Sheets of specific thickness.

Product Armature and Back Plates
Assembly Armature and Back Plates
Application Armature and Back Plates
  • Core Ring Assembly is an important part of Auto Air-con Compressor. It is made of HRC & CRC sheets and drawn (single operation) into shape through a cut size blank. Core Ring Assy. is a part of Compressor clutch and it is fitted as a stationary electromagnetic coil, which is attached to the face of the compressor, behind the pulley.

Product Core Ring Assembly
Assembly Core Ring Assembly
Application Core Ring Assembly
  • Hub Forgings are made from Mild Steel Bars/ Rods through Cold Forging process on Orbital Press. We supply these parts in un-machined form. After machining Hub is assembled on the Armature Plate Assembly of Automobile Air-conditioning Compressor.

Product Hub Forgings
Assembly Hub Forgings
Application Hub Forgings
  • Mozzo Hub is press drawn part, made out of HRC sheet. It goes through multiple draw operations to form into the desired shape and size . It is supplied to Dayco and is used as a sub assembly part of Crankshaft Damper Pulley, which is installed on Automobile engines.

Product Mozzo Hub
Assembly Mozzo Hub
Application Mozzo Hub